Components Explained

The following is an explanation of the more common components of a wedding ceremony.


Musical Prelude

The music that is playing as your guests arrive. There are three common options: no music, live music or CD music.



This is the part where the parents and bridal party make their way to the front to begin the ceremony. There are many ways that this can take place, the most common is to seat the Mothers and then have the guys take their place at the front. We would then nod to the musicians, as the music starts the first bridesmaid begins to walk followed by the others and then the bride and her escort.


Welcome & Opening Words

The Officiant welcomes everyone to the ceremony and shares some thoughts about what the ceremony is all about.


Affirmation of Families and or Guests

The point in the ceremony where family and or guests are asked to affirm their support and encouragement for the couple in their married life and where the bride is "given away".


First Reading or Special Music

To add some depth and character to the ceremony the Officiant or a guest will read either a scripture reading or a romantic reading of the couple's choice.


Motivational Moment

One of the things that sets us apart is our passion to speak to you about greatness in your relationship from the experiences of our relationships.  At this point of the ceremony we take 2-4 minutes to motivate and encourage you as a couple, it is always well received and talked about for months after.


Vow Exchange

This is where you share your intimate thoughts and promises with each other. We have provided you with dozens of samples on our web site to choose from or you can write your own words to share with each other. We do not ask you to memorize your vows, we will prompt you through them phrase by phrase, no worries!


Ring Meaning and or Blessing

A more traditional, religious ceremony would include a ring blessing. The Officiant would take the rings in their hands and ask for God's blessing. We also have some ring meanings for you to choose from.


Ring Exchange

The part of the ceremony where you will exchange a token of your commitment to each other.


Official Declaration

By the authority given to me, I officially declare you husband and wife.



You better know what this is all about!


Second Reading and or Blessings

A spot for another reading or scripture.


Signing the License

This is the part of the ceremony where you will sign the marriage license you will need 2 witnesses to sign the license.  Remember to have some music at this time as well.


Closing Words/Announcements

At this point we thank everyone for being there and give direction as to what is happening next. Announcements often include that a group photo will be taken, cocktails and hors d' oeuvres will be served while the couple has photos taken...etc.


Presentation Of Couple

With your guidance (as to your name choice) we will present you as the new husband and wife..."Ladies and gentlemen it is an honor to present to you for the first time the new husband and wife..."



The ceremony is over now and you are going to walk back down the aisle to a favorite piece of music.


Musical Postlude

Music is played as the guests leave and enjoy some refreshments.